Looking to get money motivated in your spare time? Whether you’re saving for a big ticket item, a new home or just wanting to boost your bank balance, treating your earbuds to the top Aussie finance podcasts is a smart investment.

Financial advice comes in many shapes and forms. Sometimes navigating the financial landscape can feel like trekking through murky waters, but never underestimate how the right research can make your money work for you.

Podcasts are not only an easily accessible way to learn tips from leading industry experts, but most are free to download and won’t cost you time you can’t afford. For example, you can incorporate podcasts into your daily down time, such as during your commute, while you take a stroll on your lunchbreak or even for some background noise as you cook dinner.

Spending your spare time listening to commentary on money matters might not sound entertaining. But the insight you can gain may prove to be invaluable – not to mention, it’s far more stimulating than listening to the same FM radio song on repeat!

If you’re looking for a good place to start, we’ve compiled a list of the top four finance podcasts and why it’s wise to invest your time listening to them:

Perfect for those with a savings goal in their sights or simply wanting to achieve the elusive lifestyle of living within your means, the ‘You Need a Budget’ podcast is an optimal time-filler.

This thorough series will leave you disciplined and determined to reach your money goals as you explore key money challenges such as cash versus card, Christmas splurging and what to do if you break the bank.

‘You Need a Budget’ is a helpful ‘all-rounder’ podcast that equips listeners with strategies to stop living payday to payday and gives them confidence to break free from the debt cycle.

Have you ever wished there was a voice of wisdom which could simplify the complex inner workings of the Australian economy? Search no further – this podcast is literally right on the money.

Not only will you gain a greater understanding of the production and consumption of goods and services and the supply of money which makes our country tick; you’ll also receive insight on how our economy directly impacts money on a global scale.

Here’s a bonus: Knowledge gained from this podcast series is sure to impress at your next dinner party of networking event.

If catching some sun in Santorini in your later years sounds more appealing than working until you can access your superannuation, now is the time to activate your early retirement plan.

This podcast focuses on future planning and setting your money up for success. Listeners will learn how to attain financial independence through creating and maintaining wealth from business and investing strategies.

An up-beat podcast for the everyday Australian who just wants some easy-to-apply advice to help balance the budget.

The series also tackles some of life’s biggest financial challenges such as buying your first home, wedding budgeting, eradicating debt and how to build an emergency fund.

‘The Pineapple Project’ is also your go-to for financial advice within the context of a relationship – and with money issues being a leading cause of relationship breakdowns in Australia, it’s well worth a listen.

A word of caution

While finance podcasts can be a valuable reference point, they shouldn’t be used as a replacement for a financial planner or advisor. Listen to the content of each podcast as an opportunity to reflect on your personal finances and take away any points of interest and perform your own research before deciding to apply the advice.

If you’re wanting an expert opinion, don’t hesitate to contact My Expert’s friendly team of experienced financial advisors.