Navigating the financial decisions and legal requirements around property transactions isn’t always easy, especially if you’re looking to buy your first home. For many of us, it can be quite a daunting process, where emotions and stress levels run high – which is unfortunate when buying your first home or an investment property. These are financial and wealth creation milestones that should be enjoyed and celebrated! It doesn’t have to be that way! Our business has been built on the philosophy of taking the emotional stress out of making financial decisions, by ensuring clients are provided with clear information and professional advice on all the options available to them around home loans, conveyancing, wealth and – especially in these challenging times – risk insurance. Having the right insurance in place is vital to protecting your and your family’s assets and financial future, as is the peace of mind that comes with having mortgage protection and knowing your loved ones will be supported if the need arises. “It’s unfortunate but everyday life events can and do impact people’s ability to make their repayments, that’s the reality,” says My Expert® Founder and CEO, Brett Wadelton. “If something happened to me, I need to know my family will be able to continue to pay the bills, school fees and mortgage repayments. Only recently, a long-term My Expert® client contacted us in despair after losing his job. Fortunately, we were able to confirm the loan protection insurance policy we’d put in place for him included an involuntary unemployment benefit. This provided him with a 3-month benefit that covered his mortgage and other repayments while he looked alternate employment. “It’s not something we like to think or talk about,” continues Brett, “But you need to ask yourself how you or your family would meet your repayments if you lost your job, suffered a serious injury, illness, or even death? It’s something none of us should ignore.” Covering yourself and your family is a quick and simple process. We have a range of loan protection and broader cover insurance products that can be tailored to suit your specific needs. If you’d like to discuss or update your risk insurance cover, please get in touch today: 1300 693 973